Bluetooth Earbuds Touch Control Waterproof TWS High Quality Sound Bluetooth 5.0

$39.95 $59.95


Why spend $$$ when you can buy these for such low price?

These wireless bluetooth earbuds are packed with lots of technology, amazing sound quality, long battery life and plus they are super lightweight. They use Bluetooth 5.0 technology with lossless audio transmission to provide a crisp high quality of sound.


Magnetic Contact Charging:

Put the earbuds into the charging case to be absorbed and automatically start charging. You can also use the button to control the charging time. The 3g super lightweight earbuds are packed with 55 mAh battery that takes 1 hour to charge and will last for 4-5 hours with a single charge.

The large capacity 400 mAh case can charge the earbuds at least 5 times so that effectively allows you to use the earbuds for at least 24 hours. The case itself takes 2 hours to charge.


One Button Touch Operation:

Touch 2 times to answer or hang up a call

Touch 2 times to play or pause the music

Touch 3 times to change track

Touch and hold 2 seconds to activate the voice assistant in the phone


High Sound Quality:

The sound quality is fine tuned by professional calibration team by fine tuning the audio to hundreds to ears at the same time for the best sound quality.

The Graphene composite vibration film has light weight fast response and high fidelity, which helps optimize the high frequency extension  of sound to reflect more details.

Built-in CVC6.0 noise cancellation technology

True copper ring speaker, speaker 0.3-0.5 mW, frequency response 20HZ-10KHZ


Binaural Separation Design:

The headphones can be used independently, they can connect two devices at the same time.


In-ear Ergonomic Design:

More fitting, comfortable, and stable/not easy to fall during physical activities. They are painless for all day wear and apply least pressure on the ear.      


Comprehensive Support:

These earbuds are supported on all the Bluetooth compatible devices Apple iOS iPhones, Andoid phones, and windows laptops/computers.


Packaging Contains:

Wireless Earbuds, Charging Case, USB Cable, Extra Earmuffs with 3 sizes, User Manual